Brew of the Witch iiiicon 1532 Brew of the Witch is an event started on 18th October 2013. You have to find 10 ingredients by searching racks to win the great prize: Luxurious Witch Outfit, but you can also buy the outfit for 225 Diamonds. The event will end in 13 days.

The  Luxurious Witch Outfit is the outfit available from the Witch of the Manor herself who wore this during last year's Halloween. However, this year it seems it is made available, dress + hair style, for the very first time! A lighter pink & violet variation could be won from the same Witch a year ago.

Individual potions can be bought. The first potion costs 27 diamonds with the last one (paper spell) costing 36 diamonds.

The potion will be on the floor after you search the rack (you don't have to search an exact rack; it depends on everyone's luck) like in the image below:

Ingredients: Picture:
1st ingredient:
A-Brew of the Witch 01
2nd ingredient:
ItGirl Game n Item of Interest Star Imports March 2011194
3rd ingredient:
A-Brew of the Witch 03
4th ingredient:
A-Brew of the Witch 04
5th ingredient:
A-Brew of the Witch 05
6th ingredient:
ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports March 2011194
A-Brew of the Witch 02
7th ingredient:
8th ingredient:
9th ingredient:

9th ingredient

10th ingredient:
A-Brew of the Witch Prize

Grand Prize for collecting all ingredients for the Witche's Brew

ItGirl Game Item of Interest No 000000072

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