Any content marked with this category needs more content.

This means to complete this article we need further information, images or a combination of these two.

It all depends on the article in question.


Feel free to dedicate yourself to any task. You may also help with as much as you can. You do not have to do a task, especially if it is labor intensive, all alone. Ask friends to help you out or do as much as you can of it on your own. All contributions, big & small, are welcome! :D

  1. All Store Articles should have uniform structure. Not all of them have the same structure & this must be remedied. We want all Store articles to look like this EXAMPLE .
  2. Vintage Imports lack a lot of images of items.
  3. Finish Star Imports
  4. Finish Store Hosts
  5. Create inner menues for subcategories
  6. Create Rules for the Wikia (Task for Admins only)
  7. The Hair Styles should have a nicer gallery of all Star Imports Hair Styles. All uniform.
  8. Complete the Complete List of All Boyfriends & Their 5 Individual Gifts as well as Simplified Boyfriend Dating List & Boyfriend Gift Lists
  9. Create a header for the Wiki
  10. Confidence/Energy boosters must be titled, every single one. Here is the page . Also, a pic of a booster called Turkey Leg shoudl be found.
  11. 7 Days of Deadly Sins needs pictures of the items. Visit the said article to see which ones.
  12. Add Items from newest events which have rebranded Elite Members items which have become Star Imports in YEAR 2013. Put a note underneath about said change.
  13. Halloween Town district icon large. (this activity is already claimed by LadyGryphonInia)
  14. Thanksgiving Day Event finish the whole numbers.
  15. Edit images with incomplete article tag
  16. Pretty up Sport Shop page and make it presentable
  17. TBC
  18. TBC
  19. TBC
  20. TBC
  21. TBC
  22. tbc
  23. tbc
  24. tbc
  25. ybc

P.S. Edit this article when you get the chance.

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