It Girl is a facebook game developed by Crowdstar. It allows a player to create an avatar of themselves and shop for clothes, spend money, party, date, go to Vegas and on the Cruise and have fun. All virtually. 
ItGirl Game Item of Interest172

It Girl Load Screen

It Girl currently has:

With this Wiki we attempt to provide the information about virtually everything about the game. Our It Girl Wiki has many uses besides serving as an information hub:

  1. You can choose which Premium Stores to buy in the future by looking at the clothes, hair styles and couture available in each one on our Wiki.
  2. If you wish to buy a Couture item from a Premium Store or Regular Store that you have not unlocked yet, you can check our Wiki to see, whether this Couture item is offered as a Reward Find/Buy or not. At the moment, it is the responsibility of the player (sadly) not to buy a Couture item twice and waste real-world money!
  3. If you cannot contain your interest, you can look at the stores which are unlocked at higher levels and what clothes they offer.
  4. View our game play guides and be a wiser and more informed player! ;D
  5. See which stores have hair style racks and which do not.

Feel free to explore the Wiki! :D And welcome!

If you would like to see what the game looks like when loaded for the very first time or if experienced players would like a piece of nostalgia, check the animation below:


Notable Artists Who Have Worked On The Game

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