The following are the various guides which, if followed, will allow fast generation of xp (XP), money (Cash) and maximum diamonds (Diamonds). We will only post normal, non-hacker, gameplay advice and guide here.

So, you have decided that you need moar diamonds? Read on then ;)

General Diamond Generation Guide:Edit

  1. Get the infamous Diamond Machine . You buy it once and it is all yours forever. It will give you 1 Diamondsdaily. If you are not a fan of having to actually pay for anything in it Girl, the following ways are for you.
  2. Vote 7 days in a row in It or Miss . Try not to miss a single day! If you are successful, you will receive 3 Diamonds weekly.
  3. Play the Fashion Flipper . It not only allows to collect valuable xp, cash, energy and confidence bonuses, but also, if you are successful, you can find 1 Diamondsweekly.
  4. Participate in outfit competitions organized by game moderators at the It Girl forum if announced. The reward is diamonds/rare clothes. The game moderators used to hold these contests often in the past. Around once weekly-biweekly. There have not been any new ones for some time.
  5. Play games advertised by It Girl. On 11th December 2013 you can play Avataria and if you reach level 4, you will get 20 Diamonds. On 27th December 2013 you can play Sochi 2014, Olympic Games Resort and if you reach level 5, you will get 20 Diamonds.
  6. Complete offers for free diamonds. You may need to pay or give out personal information for this.

This is it for now! :) 

Around 11 Diamonds weekly might not be much, but perhaps the creators might introduce new ways to get diamonds in the future.