Hair Styles's Colors

Basic Colors:


VIP Colors:


It Girl players have in total 22 colors for Hair Styles. 10 are the basic ones and 12 are the VIP ones which can be buy for different prices in Diamonds ( Diamonds )


Basic Colors:Edit

From the begginings, we have 10 basic colors for Hair Styles :



VIP Colors:Edit

VIP Colors were added for the first time in the game on 30th December 2013. From then, all the players have the posibility to change the Hair Style's color in more 12 colors: Dark Orange , Purple , Dark Blue , Red , Pink , Blue , Orange , Violet , Dark Green , White , Light Blue , Light Green


However, you can buy:

  • 3 VIP Colors for 40 Diamonds. They last 1 day.
  • 6 VIP Colors for 150 Diamonds. They last 7 days.
  • 9 VIP Colors for 300 Diamonds. They last 30 days.
  • All 12 VIP Colors for 1000 Diamonds. They are permanent.

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