This guide explains how to conserve energy when searching the same store again every single day and when you have collected almost all clothing items from it.

This guide is especially relevant to beginner players whose energy bar is short.

The Solution:Edit

In It Girl different racks are responsible for different clothes, jewellery, hair styles, eye styles, lip styles. Hair styles are only available from hair style racks. Lip & eye styles are only available from make-up racks. Leggins, socks, scarves are available from an accessories rack. Bags are available from bag racks, though sometimes it can be united together in 1 rack with accessories and jewelry. And the same for swimwear, jewelry, jackets, tops.

Experience shows that among the last items to find & buy in an average store are the bags & jewellery, but the bulk of last items is made of bags (which sometime take a looong time to find). 

Advice: Unless you have a huge paycheck & have money to spend, I would not recommend restocking the store for facebook credits/diamonds. The many times I have searched the racks for missing items, they did not take a couple of days to find, but some took up to a week/a week and a half quite often. Even longer in cases of hair, eye and lip styles. And the single time to restock the store costs 30 FBC. Imagine spending that much FBC for every single day of searching just for a free item or two! It makes much more sense to wait and buy the item for free. Restocking for credit may bring the item faster to you, but it is like a game of gamble: it only restocks the store, but does not guarantee you that you will find the item you are searching for. Even if you are losing patience searching a store daily (especially more so in Las Vegas), you will find the missing item anyway

So the working solution, which has not failed yet, is to search the relevant racks for the items you are missing. Even though you have not found an item yet, you can check the "Collections" for it and see the name. It will give you the hint as to which rack you should search to find it. So if you are missing a bag, search the 1-2 racks which hold bags. 

Thus, you will be able to spend only a small part of your energy instead of searching the entire store!!! 

And that is how you save your energy. :)

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