The following guides will allow you to easily win any party if you are having trouble.

Solution #1Edit

Dress yourself with the clothes which are having the highest hotness according to your party type. 

Do select the "party type" button, because sometimes, the game couldn't select it by itself, leading you to dress wrong clothes. It's one way. After that also if you couldn't find girls less than your hotness, well, there's an another way ;)

Solution #2Edit

This is due to a bug of the game.

1. First, dress your doll with all the highest hotness clothes accordig to the party.

2. Most of the time, you'll find 2 girls less than your hotness and all the others are higher than you.

3. Remove 2 items (clothes or accessory) and try again.

4. 80% for sure you'll get 3 girls to battle on!

5. If not, try wearing one of the item you've removed before and try again.

6. 95% this trick will work, that you are confusing the game for several tims.

7. If not, close the game, and try it after 10 minutes by wearing the hottest clothes suitable for the event.


Solution #3Edit

You'll definitely win. This way is extremely effective.

1. Use hairstyle with lowest hotness. It'll be very effectie if you'd wear a hairstyle, that has a hotness of '0'. (zero)

2. Go to any party you like.


3. Click My Life button.


4. Choose Customize.


5. Find your hairstyle with the highest hotness. It is suggested that you to choose the Goddess Hair Style.


6. Compare your hotness with your rivals' hotness.

7. Click showdown and you'll win.

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