Hello & Welcome to another It Girl tutorial! :D

This time around I am going to show you how to make 1 image with all 5 boyfriend gifts out of 3.


For this you will need to download and use ScreenHunter Free (as covered in a previous tutorial here) and capture the following 3 images:

The first image is the foundation which we will use. The two images which show his gifts must be quite large. (Please, enlarge the browser window to something like this in the image below when you capture.)
ScreenHunter 181 Aug. 02 15.54


First things first, you will need to actually download the program to your computer. We are going to use Gimp to edit images. Gimp is a free drawing software.

The Software: Download GIMP 2.8.6


View the slideshow below and notes underneath each picture for instructions. If you already know how to isntall a program, you can skip this step.

  • 1. Find the downloaded file (in my case, the file to the extreme left of my screen) and double click it.
  • Wait for this window to appear & click "Run".
  • Select the language. I chose English naturally. :)
  • Wait for this window & click "Install".
  • Wait until the program installs.
  • Installation will take around 10-15 minutes. Once done, click "Finish". You can now use Gimp!


Now I am going to show you how to use Gimp.

  • 1. Find Gimp in your Programs.
  • 2. Start the program.
  • 3. This is what you get once the program loads fully.
  • 4. By maximizing the middle window and mowing the side windows to a nicer position, get the following look.
  • 5. Moving the smaller windows around is easy.
  • 6. As soon as our working space is ready, click "File" and select "Open".
  • 7. Find the first Base image. I recommend having it on Desktop so that it is easy to find.
  • 8. Once you have found the file, select it and click "Open". It will load like this in Gimp.
  • 9. Take note that you can change between smaller and bigger views of your work. 100% view shows the image as it is. More than 100% is bigger and less than 100% is smaller.
  • 10. The next step is to open the other 2 images in Gimp. Find the folder they are in. Select the first one by clicking the left button on your mouse once.
  • 12. Then, left-click again and without releasing the button, drag the image to the Gimp icon, wait until Gimp opens and drop the image in the center. Repeat step with the other pic.
  • 13. The 3 images should be layered in the following manner. This is the "Layers" view. The Base image is in the bottom and is the "base", and the other 2 on top of it.
  • 14. Now we are ready to work. Essentially, we will only use 2 commands from now on: Select & Resize in Gimp.
  • 15. These commands can be found in the Toolbox.
  • 16. Find this icon. When this icon is clicked, it allows you to select an image and move it around to the desired position.
  • 17. This icon allows you to resize an image.
  • 18. Basically one open image is 1 layer, but if we add new images to this layer, then our number of layers grows. In this image we have 3 layers (pic).
  • 19. Now we are ready to begin resizing and moving the images into a better position. Select the desired layer (image) in the top right corner. It will be marked blue.
  • 20. Select the "Resize" tool in his panel.
  • 21. When you click on the "Resize" tool, our selected layer (pic) will change into the following and a small window will appear. You can either input the values, or like me, resize the images manually.
  • 22. The top left square in the corner of the image must be left-clicked once and holding down the button, resized by moving it diagonally down. Release button when satisfied with size.
  • 23. Click "Move" tool & move the resized image to a satisfactory position. Then, select the other layer (pic) in "Layers", click "Resize" and resize it also. Then, arrange the 2 pics nicely.
  • 24. You should aim for the following result, but any other approach will do. The bigger the images, the better. ;)
  • 25. To save a picture, click "File" & click "Export".
  • 26. Find the place whether it be your Desktop or another folder, where you would like to save your image.
  • 27. Give your picture a name.
  • 28. When this window appears, set the Quality to 100. Touch nothing else and click "Export"."
  • 29. You should aim for the following result, but any other approach will do. The bigger the images, the better. ;)
  • 30. And, voila! The final result! :D This is it!

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