Kindly find below a list of custom templates we have created so far at this Wikia. To use a template just copy the code and put it inside the special brackets {{ }}.

For the template to work, it is better to insert it in Source View.

Title How It Looks Like In Practice Code
Brew Of the Witch Icon Brew of the Witch iiiicon 1532 Template:BrewOftheWitchIcon
BeachParty BeachParty Template:BeachParty
ClassyCasual ClassyCasual Template:ClassyCasual
Oudoor Outdoor Template:Outdoor
Nightlife Nightlife Template:Nightlife
BlackTie BlackTie Template:BlackTie
CasualHip CasualHip Template:CasualHip
Diamonds Diamonds Template:Diamonds
Cash Cash Template:Cash
FBC FBC Template:FBC
XP XP Template:XP
Fame Famee Template:Fame
Party Points PartyPoints Template:PartyPoints
Galena Street Districts1019 clipped rev 2 Template:GalenaStreet
Union Square Districts1020 clipped rev 1 Template:UnionSquare
Cruise Districts1022 clipped rev 1 Template:Cruise
Maid of Honor Districts1023 clipped rev 1 Template:MaidofHonor
Greenwich Districts1024 clipped rev 1 Template:Greenwich
SOHO Districts1025 clipped rev 1 Template:SOHO
Fifth Avenue Districts1026 clipped rev 1 Template:FifthAvenue
Santa Monica Districts1027 clipped rev 1 Template:SantaMonica
Melrose Avenue Districts1028 clipped rev 1 Template:MelroseAvenue
Galeries De Paris Districts1029 clipped rev 1 Template:GaleriesdeParis
Champs-Elysees Districts1030 clipped rev 1 Template:Champs-Elysees
Carnaby Districts1031 clipped rev 1 Template:Carnaby
Oxford Street Districts1032 clipped rev 1 Template:OxfordStreet
Harajuku Districts1033 clipped rev 1 Template:Harajuku
Ginza Districts1034 clipped rev 1 Template:Ginza
Sale SaleIcon Template:Sale
ReverseAuction ReverseAution Icon Template Template:ReverseAuction
BFGift BFGift Template:BFGift
WhiteSpace ItGirl Game Item of Interest Star Imports August 2011000000331 Template:WhiteSpace
Confidence Confidence Template Image Template:Confidence
Energy Energy Template:Energy

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