Red Carpet Catwalks are a series of events under the same name with the same layout, goal but different prizes every time. the common theme is to land on all prizes to win the final reward.

18th October 2013Edit

RED CARPET CATWALK is an event started on 18th October 2013.

You have to fill the whole red carpet with celebrities to win the big prize. One spin costs 25 Diamonds.

  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Fourth Prize
  • Fifth Prize
  • Sixth Prize
  • Grand Prize

14th November 2013Edit

  • This is what a filling catwalk looks like.
  • If you land on an already filled-in position, the girl who occupies it will droop in frustration.

All of the items (including the Reward) available in this specific Carpet Walk belong to Vintage Imports.

27th December 2013Edit

All the items, save for the final reward, are old Star Imports items.

7th March 2014Edit



5th April 2014Edit

  • Yellow Venice Carnival Dress
  • Violet Venice Carnival Gaze Cape
  • Violet Venice Carnival Mask
  • Vintage Cottong Handbag with Flower Embroidery
  • Vintage Silk Shoes with Pearl

16th May 2014Edit


  • Shiny Short Green Dress
  • Short Light Leather Jacket
  • Silver Pedant with Two Pearls
  • Green Shoes with Raffles
  • Silver Earrings with Two Pearls

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